Barry G, the “Boogie Man”

Dubbed the “king of the airwaves”, Barrington “Barry G” Gordon was the first radio broadcaster to leave the radio studios and play out all over Jamaica and the world. Barry G started his career at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation in September 1975 and quickly solidified his place as one of Jamaica’s number 1 radio personalities. By 1987, Barry G had become a household name and staple in Jamaican- radio; winning the hearts of Jamaicans at home and abroad.

With 3 times the population of Jamaica, outside of Jamaica, listening to his show, Jamaican- business owners continue to trust his brand and agree that when launching new products/services, it is more beneficial to do so on the “Barry G Show”.

Barry G, now sits in the afternoon slot on the Montego Bay based radio station, Mello FM and has amassed more than one million listeners; a testament to his infectious personality and captivating style.

His contribution to broadcasting saw him receiving the Order of Distinction in 2010.

Fun facts on Barry G

  • More Women listen to The Barry G Show than any other radio show in Jamaica.
  • Barry G taught Jamaicans the correct way to drink water in 2010; the Barry G philosophy “if you drink water on an empty stomach, you may not have to go to the doctor for 90% of what you are going for at present”.
  • Barry G has been awarded 51 trophies and 110 citations.
  • Barry is the founder of The Barry G Foundation He is endeared by Jamaicans at home and across the diaspora and continues to dominate the airwaves.