Biggest Family Party

For 40 years I have been given the opportunity to talk to mothers, fathers, grand parents and kids through this medium. Those same kids now call me Uncle Barry and for all these years I have had a vision of how do I say thanks for being a part of your family and being a part of us growing together.

It is with this in mind that for the next fourty years it will be about my mission of how I strengthen the Jamaican family in ensuring that our history will be protected.

My life has not just been about reggae or dance hall music, it has been about educating us all. Each and every day I sit and throughout it all, my highs and my lows, I have never forgotten what has brought me to this point and that is you. So it will be an honour for me to gather with you in celebrating our Jamaican family.

As I embark on this new journey to celebrate a weekend like no other in showcasing what’s good and what’s decent about us all –  I say, be ready for fun, music, learning, bonding, discovering, exploring and more – all as one family.