We will start by saying we are one big Jamaican family – out of many one people  – and this is represented in our three directors.

It is with this in mind that our core mission statement and achievable goal is for one weekend every year we celebrate us as one big Jamaican family.

At the end of this event it is our hope and wish that you may walk away a much stronger citizen and a much stronger member of your family. And you will know that you are part of that fabric that binds us all together what is so celebrated all over the world – the Jamaican spirit.

Each diversity and every event will speak to our culture, our cuisine, our art, our music, our gospel, our spice and our rhythm so we invite you and your family down to kick off your shoes and enjoy this wholesome family-centric weekend escape.

So from our family to your family we say One Love and see you soon!

Respect. Walk Good.

Your Team from Three’s Company.